Database of Zeolite Structures

Get topology information for (potentially) a new zeolite framework
 Does your new zeolite structure have a novel framework topology?

Provide a simple CIF file of your framework structure. Using the program TOTOPOL by Mike M. J. Treacy [Arizona State University], a check will be performed to determine whether or not this framework already has a 3-letter code. You will get a table of the coordination sequences and vertex symbols for each T atom in the structure. If the structure is known, the corresponding topological T-positions for that code will also be listed.

CIF file: Please use a simple CIF file. Longer files will not be uploaded. If possible use the standard setting for the space group and include only the framework atoms. At present not all special settings will work. Mike Treacy is working on a CIF reader that will accept "all" settings.
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